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On the Town Tuesday – 11/19/19

 OnTheTownTuesdays with AboutTownDeb: On Set Today: The Tahoe Fire Dancers Tahoe Fire Dancers, Claire Celeste Nightingale & Chelle Lea Dandelioness along with Shari Pheasant - Founder & Speaker of Horse Power Strategies rocked the set today on #OnTheTownTuesdays with me, Kelly Rush, and Jorja Parker Cushman-Bentley! Listen in...

On The Town Tuesday – 11/12/19

The Home of Quality Conversation on America Matters Media! Be sure to listen in now for #OnTheTownTuesdays with me, Kelly Rush, and Jorja Parker Cushman-Bentley. We had a great lineup today, including Britton Griffith and Michael Moreno! We'll also be talking with Avery Pipkin and her group members...

On The Town Tuesday – 10/29/19

Today we have Lindsey Tromerhauser with Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation and Cancer survivor Maddie Iroz to share why we have partnered with them to raise funds with our Highway 50 Grape-to-Glass Harvest Road Show to be held Tuesday, November 5th at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino Reno ....

On The Town Tuesday 10/22/19

Great show with Tracie Barnthouse with Travel Nevada! Love learning where to travel in Nevada.   Bonus, a call in from Shirley Roberts, Executive Director of Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation. They provide support at no cost to families and also fund research for safe treatment and...

On The Town Tuesday 10/15/19

 Thank you to our guests Lee & Paige Murray for sharing their personal story of their son Alec, Don Butterfield and Dr. Anderson with Reno Behavioral Hospital, Tiffany East and of course Jorja and Kelly Rush. This was an important show on teen suicide, what to...