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Wander into California History

When you walk into Poor Red’s Bar-B-Que, you’re walking into history! Whether you’re starting with their signature Gold Cadillac cocktail (a mouth-watering Poor Red’s original) or are there to indulge in a night of ribs, chicken, or a juicy burger, Poor Red’s delivers a quality experience...

Take Flight with Vino Volo

I’ve met many a traveler who rolls their eyes at the prospect of having an extended layover at an airport. I can’t blame them—reaching their final destination often time means reconnecting with loved ones or disconnecting from work. But when you visit any number of airports...

El Dorado Wine Country Passport Weekend

This is a must attend and a AboutTownDeb favorite El Dorado event! April 6th-7th. Debbie will be there both weekends and would like to offer you a discounted code so you can get your tickets. If you purchase them before the March 15th you will save...

New Year! New Adventures

Debbie McCarthy, better known as About Town Deb, has spent the last several years embracing her passion for wine, food, and travel throughout Northern Nevada, California, and beyond. Documenting her experiences and sharing them with her community on social media has sparked a new joy...

Falling in Love with Saluti Cellars

As the saying goes, life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. For Tina and Randy Rossi of Saluti Cellars, their venture into being a choice wedding venue in the Northern California El Dorado wine country showed up on their unfinished doorstep over 10 years ago. “We...