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Together We Are One Heart

Band together and show your gratitude to essential workers, volunteers and meaningful causes in our community.

“TogetherWeAreOne💙” is a social connection campaign that provides blue bracelets and safety masks to local charities, volunteers, and community members who never give up and are always giving and sharing their hearts. I partner with local organizations and charitable causes monthly to remind us all we are one heart.


How can you Help?

  1. Take a photo of you wearing a #TogetherWeAreOne💙bracelet or face mask. Remember to tag #AboutTownDeb &
  2. Donate to our cause, and we will donate back 50% of the proceeds to local non-profits on your behalf.
  3. Donate $7.99 towards a branded Tahoe Heartbeat face mask, and we will donate up to 50% of the proceeds to local non-profits on your behalf.


My name is AboutTownDeb; it has always been my passion to bring family, friends, and communities together. Much like a branch that is connected to the vine, we are all uniquely connected to each other, which is why every bottle you enjoy, a portion of the proceeds are generously donated to local non-profits. A special thank you to my Dad, PapaTony, for sharing the gift of Love, Grace, and Kindness. Let us all cheers to memorable moments and remember that #TogetherWeAreOneHeart.