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Do you ever wonder what inspired me to become About Town Deb?

The Gift of Adoption – The first person to inspire me would be my Mom known as Granda B, Brenda. Her strength to give the gift of a child made it possible for my adoptive parents, Terry and Tony – aka Nana and Papa. Together they are the reason as to why I became the individual I am today. These two have always shared their love for family, the community and friends. From day one, they made sure I felt at home, felt loved and felt secure. They both worked hard each and every day and made sure we said our prayers before meals, in the mornings and at nights. We also never missed mass! Faith was a huge part of growing up.


Nana and Papa never gave up on me. They always made sure I was healthy, had extra tutoring and speech therapy to help build up my confidence. They made me feel special and showed how much love and care they had for me. Nana and Papa truly influenced me in countless ways, but I would say the biggest influence they had on me was their faith, love and Grace they shared with everyone.


I grew up as a very self-conscious little girl. At the age of 6, I had a stutter that had stopped me from wanting to speak because I constantly felt embarrassed. When I started middle school, I got over my fear and started becoming the bold, confident and independent woman that I am today. My first major step was when I became active in the student council of my junior high school and high school.


I have always loved fundraising and bringing the community together. The very first fundraiser I participated in was a “somersault-a-thon” – where I took pledges from donors who would contribute a nickel per somersault. The event ended up generating a couple thousand dollars for the cause. This being my first successful fundraiser was when I began falling in love with the potential of what I can do…gathering the community, spreading positivity and helping those around me. I do want to add that there were many times when I had to give a speech and the spelling salts were brought out. I never gave up and to this day I never know when I might freeze.


I continued to grow and continued to love what I was doing. I LOVE to see a wholesome, happy community, and I LOVE being a part of our community. As my tag line says, “My Town, Your Town, Any Town, Let’s Connect.”


Throughout high school, I continued to participate in student government, such as being the event coordinator for dances, clubs and many other school events. Skipping ahead to adulthood – I decided to step away from my career at the time, and switch my focus to my adopted father. I became my adopted father’s (aka Papa Tony) caregiver after he suffered from a heart attack.


As Papa Tony started to recover, I did everything I could to take care of him and made sure he enjoyed the rest of his time. I did this by taking him on adventures all over Reno-Tahoe to explore, to enjoy life’s beauty and to fully experience what this beautiful region had to offer.


Papa Tony was loved by all and built a great reputation here in Reno. He was able to enjoy the rest of time with many laughs, great company, beautiful views and countless memories. He was a great soul, and I was fulfilled that I was able to be there for him and make sure he enjoyed his time. Being my dad’s caregiver for his last ten years was truly the best gift I could have ever asked for.


After my father’s passing, I continued to be involved in the community. Something I always reminded myself then, and even now, is that “it’s what my father would have wanted.” That is what continuously inspires me to do what I do. One of my greatest accomplishments was raising $35,000 in one night for a local tumor patient. I have continued to love my community, and all those that I encounter daily inspires me.


My About Town Deb’s media outlets now reach over 30,000 people and only continues to grow. I love embracing my passion for wine, food, travel and most importantly the community. I love sharing my experiences and seeing our community so wholesome and happy. To my family, neighbors, community members and local businesses, thank you for always being there to lift me up, share your stories and allow us all to become one and continue to make our world a better place. Remember #TogetherWeAreOneHeart and with that Heart we can do anything.

Deb’s Pick – 10 Torr Distilling & Brewing

10 Torr Distilling & Brewing is a #DebsPick, and I’m going to tell you why.


10 Torr is known to be one of few distilleries in all of the world that does vacuum distillation, and they produce all products straight from grain to can. 


What I love about 10 Torr is how extraordinarily unique and fascinating this place is. They incorporate their engineering skills into their business by hand-building their very own tanks and distills. 


I spoke with Annalisa, the Beverage Manager, Craft Spirit, and Beer Director at 10 Torr, about why she loves working at 10 Torr. “My favorite part about working at 10 Torr is able to work around some really smart and talented brewers and distillers,” said Annalisa. “They are the reason we made it through this pandemic.” 

Annalisa is very passionate about her guests. It’s precisely what Reno and 10 Torr are all about – community, family, and home – and you can see that their customers feel the same way. Each time I’m in there, the 10 Torr crew is quick to welcome me and put a smile on my face. These individuals create an environment that makes everyone feel welcomed and cared for. 


“The team I have behind the bar is more then I can ask for. There are strong bonds between each of us, and we all work so hard and well together,” said Annalisa. “I couldn’t be managing a better spot!” 


Now that we’re mentioning 10 Torr and cocktails…I am excited to announce that 10 Torr will be serving a new “About Town Deb-inspired drink” called the ‘Debster!’. The ‘Debster’ is a beer-whiskey combination made with vacuum-distilled coffee liqueur and topped with a cinnamon stick to add that hint of spice.


The inspiration behind the ‘Debster’ came from the fact that I am now getting into whiskey. Annalisa had me try 10 Torr’s beer-whiskey, made from thei Oh, Honey Blonde Ale, and I LOVED it. This led Annalisa to ask me a few different questions, which then brought us to the ‘Debster’ – a coffee-inspired old fashioned. Debs Whiskey-inspired Old Fashioned will be available on the menu in November!

10 Torr makes sure everyone is always having a great time. Every team member gives off the best energy and makes this place a pleasant spot. 10 Torr will always be a Reno favorite and a #DebsPick.


I am so proud to call Annalisa a friend and to have been able to watch her grow as a business woman who loves to continue giving back to the community. She is also a fantastic mentor for so many young and up-and-coming mixologists. If you haven’t had the chance to check them out yet, 10 Torr Distilling & Brewing is located at 490 Mill Street in Downtown Reno! You can find out more about them at https://10torr.com/

My Carson Staycation

Join About Town Deb in this three-part blog as she explores Nevada’s historic capital, all while social distancing and masking up!

There is so much to discover in Carson City, and I was so happy to enjoy it with my cousin, Jazzy Jorja. Before we start, we want to give a special thank you to Visit Carson City for mapping out our adventure! Okay, hope you enjoy our trip! Let’s get going …


Feeling Like You Need To Relax? First Stop — Carson Hot Springs!

Hot springs are the perfect way to start any getaway, so naturally, the Historical Carson Hot Springs was on top of my itinerary. Heck, we went there before we even checked in to our hotel! After all, it’s a staycation so we dove right in, and the warm mineral water is just what I needed.

The fine team at the hot springs gave us a tour, explained all the extra COVID protocols they have in place to keep us safe, and I’ll tell you: this place is clean as a whistle and has everything you need for a stress-free experience. We picked our favorite private hot tub for an amazing mineral water soak. I loved the music and enjoyed plenty of room to relax and take it all in. After our relaxing mineral soak, we went outside for a swim and laid out by the pool. Bonus, I was able to pick a shady spot and get in some long overdue reading. Minus, I thought I was in good shape from daily six-mile walks . . . well, I was sure out of breath and shape in the pool (don’t tell!).

A little fun fact: The Historic Carson Hot Springs water comes from 35,000 feet below the Earth’s surface. They believe they have the BEST water in the Sierra/Rocky Mountain chain of hot springs, and here’s some info on why the Historic Carson Hot Springs are historic!

Check out the Historic Carson Hot Springs homepage for more info, a live webcam, and announcements.

Hot Springs Neighbors: Locally-Sourced, Fresh Lunch at Sassafras and Ice-Cold, Local Beer at Shoe Tree Brewery

 We walked 10 feet to lunch at Sassafras Eclectic Food Joint and 10 more feet for drinks at Shoe Tree Brewing Company! This shopping center trifecta is tucked away, and it’s a real Carson gem as far as I’m concerned. Rejuvenating hot springs, deliciously fresh food, and creative craft beer?! Plus, all local to-boot?! Yes please.

At Sassafras, we sat outside on their beautiful, spacious patio that’s complete with shade structures and water misters (perfect for cooling down after tanning at the hot springs). The Sassafras service gave us huge smiles under our masks!

On our menu at Sassafras, we had:

Deb’s Pick:

  • Farmer’s Spring Salad, [this salad was a treasure chest of healthy fresh fruits + greens!

Jazzy Jorja’s Pick

  • Asian chicken tacos it was so yummy + loved the heart shaped rice.

What I loved the most about Sassafras was seeing our server greet each local by name. The locals already had their perfect menu item ready to order, and they were happy to share menu choices with us. It’s easy to see why Sassafras is a local favorite. They embody that down-home hospitality that Carson City is all about. One of many reasons to visit!

After our yummy lunch, we walked a stones-throw to the family-owned Shoe Tree Brewing Company for a taste of local, award-winning craft beer! I absolutely LOVED the “Amigos! Amigos! Amigos!” Mexican lager, and I was in awe of the branding at Shoe Tree (it’s based on a real, iconic tree in Nevada).

We also enjoyed the Brunswick Blonde Ale on their spacious outdoor picnic seating area. The outdoor area has a stage for bands and features games like cornhole and ladder toss for patrons to enjoy.

Fun Fact: Shoe Tree Brewing owner Jeff Young’s 16-year-old daughter Emma Young crafted the delicious, non-alcoholic Shoe Tree Black Cherry Cola from scratch! She also created the Shoe Tree Sparkling Lemonade, another tasty non-alcoholic treat. So cool to see her already rocking the family business at such a young age.

Time For A Check Point, Settling In At My Place Hotels

We finally checked in to My Place Hotels, one of Carson City’s newest hotels, and we felt at home from the moment we walked in. Jazzy Jorga and I started calling it “Our Place” almost immediately. Our room was spacious and spotless. My first priority was a quick nap, so I loved the comfy pillow-top mattresses, soft microfiber bedding, and that we had a variety of soft and firm pillows on the bed. Bonuses: the hotel offers breakfast in bed, and all rooms include a small “my kitchen” area complete with a two-burner stove top and toaster to make your own meals if you’d like.

City Talk With About Town Deb Recorded On-Site at the Delicious Mangia Tutto Italian Pizzeria E Ristorante!
Plus, Picture Perfect Cocktails

 Mangia Tutto is a taste of Italy right in Downtown Carson! We enjoyed amazing cocktails and appetizers to fuel me up before hosting my City Talk radio show on-site in the restaurant. My Deb’s Pick was the traditional spaghetti with red sauce, and I was in pasta heaven. I also had this delightful grapefruit creation I’m holding, their signature Italian Greyhound cocktail!

Love seeing Lydia, marketing manager at Visit Carson City, smiling in the background, and I was so happy  we had such a great interview with her and Chrisie Yabu, Vice President of Public Relations at KPS3 marketing agency.

The food and experience at Mangia was so good that I’ve already gone back a second time since this visit!

Fueled Up & Ready For Nevada History! Next stop: Nevada State Museum

The Nevada State Museum showcases Carson City’s rich history in the raw. Knowledge rings around every corner, & I was particularly struck by the Carson City Mint Bell display on my first-ever visit! The bell sits in the same home it’s had since 1870, when the museum building was a mint.

Fun Fact: 2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the Carson City U.S. Branch Mint building and the beginning of coin production at the mint in 1870.

The museum experience was immersive, as we traveled through realistic replicas of Nevada’s historical silver mines! I’m happy to report that even the miners (and their trusty steeds) wore face masks for safety & that Jazzy Jorja and I made it through with our masks secured as well!

This is definitely a #debspick in Carson City, and a must-visit for anyone traveling through Nevada’s capital.

Dinner Bell! Stroll Through Italy With Good Wine, Steller Service & Oh-So-Delicious Bites At Carson Piazza Bar

From the moment you walk in, Carson Piazza Bar feels like home

My goodness, I can’t say enough about Carson Piazza Bar! Award-winning wines, great cocktails, fantastic service, and small bites that will dazzle your taste buds … the result is Piazza! As a bonus for me, they had one of my favorite El Dorado Wines, Lava Cap, as well as Frey Ranch vodka.

The restaurant was inspired by the owners’ travels in Italy and Spain, where they loved joining the locals in the evenings to stroll in the piazza (a public square/marketplace), and they enjoyed stopping at the neighborhood bar to relax with a spritz or good glass of wine.

Such a wonderful evening filled with great food, good conversion and lots of laughs. I’m already looking forward to my next Piazza visit!




Eldorado Resort Casino Holiday Show & Perry Creek Winery/El Dorado Wine Country on About Town Tuesday Show!

Excited to be able to get to know a few of the cast members from Santa’s Christmas Wonderland now appearing in the Eldorado Resort Casino Showroom through December 29. You’ll definitely get in the Holiday spirit as they share about the show (and themselves)! There’s a reason why it’s called the most-loved Christmas show of the season. Bonus.. they even sang a bit for us on set. What a gift!

Thank you to Emma, Kate, Trina, Jacob ans Shai for joining us and sharing your holiday favorites. Be sure to get your tickets NOW at www.EldoradoReno.com

You will also love learning about the
El Dorado-Fair Play wines in Fair Play California as we chatted with Jeremy Maron the Existential Wine Guy!

We also shared a bit more about th Reno Hope Bus and the Fundraiser at Campo to raise funds for suicide awareness and the NAMI.

The Row l Silver Legacy Resort Casino Reno l Circus Circus Reno l Visit El Dorado County l Elderado Showroom l Fair Play Winery Association l Campo l Reno Hope Bus l NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Sparkle and Shine – Sip and Shop for Maddie

Party with a Purpose! Join Debbie McCarthy with About Town Deb and her friends for a very special kick off event that will spearhead a month of fundraising events for Maddie Watkins, a young girl diagnosed with cancer. The sip and shop event is family friendly and featured at Rounds. Guests can enjoy a special selection of dessert cocktails and enjoy a preview of Premier Designs Spring line of jewelry. That evening 20% of all jewelry will be donated to Maddie’s family and an additional 50% of every “Hope On” necklace sold will be donated to Maddie’s Charity. Guests can pre-order the “Hope On” necklace by March 29th, to wear to the event and earn a “Hope” Ticket which will automatically enter them in the raffle giveaway at the final fundraiser event Thursday, April 14 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at NoVí inside the Eldorado.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 6, 2016
TIME: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: Rounds Bakery, 294 E Moana Ln #10, Reno, NV 89502

This past year Maddie Watkins, the 8 year old daughter of Tim and Trina Watkins started complaining of headaches. Bad headaches. Through a barrage of tests and surgeries her doctors in Nevada diagnosed ependymoma tumors. The tumor biopsy was sent to St. Judes. St. Judes diagnosed glioma tumors, Glioma is a broad category of brain and spinal cord tumors that come from glial cells, brain cells that can develop into tumors. The symptoms, prognosis, and treatment of a malignant glioma depend on the person’s age, the exact type of tumor, and the location of the tumor.

Maddie will require six months of chemotherapy followed by two months of radiation. Both therapies will be extremely strong, essentially the strongest that someone her age and weight can handle. All treatment will take place in Las Vegas. Maddie’s family and friends are tremendously committed to doing whatever it takes to help Maddie conquer and defeat her cancer.

The funds raised will go towards housing costs, travel costs and medical services. We ask that the community join our fight for Maddie! #warriormaddie #PDgivesback

For more information on Maddie or her special go fund me account you can donate at https://www.gofundme.com/urd699ys

For details on the event please email “Debbie McCarthy” <abouttowndeb@gmail.com>
Or visit https://www.facebook.com/events/897892323657844/