Deb’s Pick – 10 Torr Distilling & Brewing

10 Torr Distilling & Brewing is a #DebsPick, and I’m going to tell you why.

10 Torr is known to be one of few distilleries in all of the world that does vacuum distillation, and they produce all products straight from grain to can. 

What I love about 10 Torr is how extraordinarily unique and fascinating this place is. They incorporate their engineering skills into their business by hand-building their very own tanks and distills. 

I spoke with Annalisa, the Beverage Manager, Craft Spirit, and Beer Director at 10 Torr, about why she loves working at 10 Torr. “My favorite part about working at 10 Torr is able to work around some really smart and talented brewers and distillers,” said Annalisa. “They are the reason we made it through this pandemic.” 

Annalisa is very passionate about her guests. It’s precisely what Reno and 10 Torr are all about – community, family, and home – and you can see that their customers feel the same way. Each time I’m in there, the 10 Torr crew is quick to welcome me and put a smile on my face. These individuals create an environment that makes everyone feel welcomed and cared for. 

“The team I have behind the bar is more then I can ask for. There are strong bonds between each of us, and we all work so hard and well together,” said Annalisa. “I couldn’t be managing a better spot!” 

Now that we’re mentioning 10 Torr and cocktails…I am excited to announce that 10 Torr will be serving a new “About Town Deb-inspired drink” called the ‘Debster!’. The ‘Debster’ is a beer-whiskey combination made with vacuum-distilled coffee liqueur and topped with a cinnamon stick to add that hint of spice.

The inspiration behind the ‘Debster’ came from the fact that I am now getting into whiskey. Annalisa had me try 10 Torr’s beer-whiskey, made from thei Oh, Honey Blonde Ale, and I LOVED it. This led Annalisa to ask me a few different questions, which then brought us to the ‘Debster’ – a coffee-inspired old fashioned. Debs Whiskey-inspired Old Fashioned will be available on the menu in November!

10 Torr makes sure everyone is always having a great time. Every team member gives off the best energy and makes this place a pleasant spot. 10 Torr will always be a Reno favorite and a #DebsPick.

I am so proud to call Annalisa a friend and to have been able to watch her grow as a business woman who loves to continue giving back to the community. She is also a fantastic mentor for so many young and up-and-coming mixologists. If you haven’t had the chance to check them out yet, 10 Torr Distilling & Brewing is located at 490 Mill Street in Downtown Reno! You can find out more about them at