5 Things to Remember When Moving

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I have always been on the move during my time as About Town Deb, and now, I can’t imagine moving away from the community that I call home. The people I have met have always been there for me as I have been for them. The businesses I have collaborated and connected with are now flourishing, and I still have great relationships with each of them.


Over the years, I can recall all eight times when I moved from city to city, from place to place. I have gone from About Town Deb to About the Country Deb on a few of my moves. One move I can remember significantly was when I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, which was one of my favorite moves by far. I moved out of my home in Burbank at 18 with my new husband, and we wanted to start fresh and gain the freedom we needed to mature and grow as a couple. I am so grateful to have created a family in Nebraska, and the family I had there was vital in transforming me into the person I am today.


I don’t plan on leaving the Biggest Little City, but here is my list of Deb’s five things to remember when moving:


1. Stay Calm!

Moving is all about starting fresh and growing as a person, which is especially important in life. One of the biggest things that can add stress to any moving situation is when people micromanage the whole moving process! Micromanaging can lead to stress for yourself and potentially stress those that are involved in moving with you. The added stress can then potentially lead to emotions running high. A good key to success is 1) make a list, and 2) set a schedule! Set a time when you want to be complete for the day and stick to it!



2. Embrace the Change

Whether you are moving down the street or moving to another country, it’s important to remember that you are growing as a person and heading towards the right path. It’s also important to try to stay connected to your friends in the old neighborhood before you leave. Make that phone call to the neighbor to have one last drink with them. Get your kids together with the people across the street one last time before you move. Have a proper goodbye.


I remember needing to embrace change when I decided to move back to Burbank. I wanted to move back so I could work on my personal growth. This move was so hectic and stressful, and I wish I had a reliable and on-the-ball mover. Muscle Movers LLC, Las Vegas, would have been the best choice for that move, especially since they can move things big and small, like piano moving in Las Vegas. I heavily relate to their commitment to building relationships with their clients and building a relationship with the community.


All in all, embrace what is coming!



3. Unity, Unity, Unity!

One of the biggest things that can happen when moving is when someone starts feeling like they are doing more work than another or when something starts to become unfair. This is also a good tip for those with families! Delegate each responsibility and make sure everyone is contributing and collaborating during the move to avoid any conflicts that may arise or to avoid making anyone feel extra drained at the end of the day. Ensuring your household is unified during the process of moving will help keep the process – and everyone – much happier once it’s all finished.


4. Stay Positive!

With all the uncertainty and changes that might be ahead, it’s vital to have happy thoughts! Repeat after me – HAVE HAPPY THOUGHTS! Everything will work out when you get to your new location, and everyone will be satisfied (and relieved) that they moved.



I realized my true happiness after reflecting on what was important to me during the move. After all these years of moving to Reno, my heart still feels so full. Some so many people welcomed me to the community with open arms. Joining a new community can completely change your life with the people you meet and as they become more involved in your life.




New beginnings and new adventures are what I came for, and I found that in Northern Nevada. What is attractive and striking about Reno is its relationship with the neighboring Carson-Tahoe communities and how much of a family it has become. There are many people from as far as east Lake Tahoe that I have met in my many adventures around town who enjoy what Reno has to offer. I have met many people who enjoy the different seasonal activities that Reno-Tahoe has to offer. This community is one that you cannot find anywhere else, and it is one that I will be happy with for the rest of my life.




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5. Have Fun!

Having fun is especially important when it comes to families with kids! Just remember – even the smallest thing can be turned into a game. Turning a daunting thing, like moving, into something fun will mean the world to your kids in the long run.




Moving is something that can happen in life and can be incredibly scary and full of uncertainty. Whether it’s moving to a new city for a new job or moving back home to take care of your parents for any reason, moving can be challenging. Remember to have fun, and enjoy the process.