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My Carson Staycation Part III

My Carson Staycation (part 3-of-3)

Join About Town Deb in this three-part blog as she explores Nevada’s historic capital, all while social distancing and masking up!

Please check out Day 1 and Day 2 of My Carson Staycation as well. Hope you enjoy the adventure.

This 3-part blog is sponsored by Visit Carson City (check out their website to plan your Carson Staycation)!


Squeezed With Love at Squeeze In Carson City

It was an emotional start to the third and final day of My Carson Staycation because I received a Happy Birthday to my dad, Anthony aka Papa Tony! 

It would have been his 99th birthday, and the Squeeze In gals/owners, Kay Salerno and Shila Morris, said to do a cheers to papa when we eat at their Squeeze In Carson City location, and that’s exactly what we did!

The Squeeze In team still sends his special birthday gift card in the mail every year, and it means the world to me. We toasted to Papa with their signature mimosa and a bloody mary. I just had to add the bacon to mine!

Then for our breakfast choices: 

Deb’s pick: Veggie McVeggerton minus the broccoli and zucchini.
Jazzy Jorga’s pick: Sausage tacos with avocado 

Every bite was better than the first and service was amazing. Plus, the restaurant was spotless, and they have all the proper protocols in place to keep us safe from COVID!

Our server Miah was delightful, so to thank her we gifted her some #TogetherWeAreOneHeary gifts! 

She was very grateful, and she shared them with the whole team.

This family-owned breakfast spot is a staple and an absolute must for breakfast or lunch!

Art, Sunshine, & Chicken Wings in  Visit Carson City.

Next, we had the pleasure of visiting the open, friendly atmosphere that is Carson’s Brewery Arts Center. The mural above, “Strings of Imagination” by Bryce Chrisholm, was a powerful reminder of what it means to believe in a dream and have hope it will come true. 

Everyone should see this art if they get the chance, especially your kids if you have them. Remind them that anything is possible. 

Just look at these musicians for all the proof you need! They’re keeping their dream alive in Carson by getting creative, putting on a Flatbed Concert Series in the Brewery Arts Center. They had one of my favorites, Eric Andersen perform alongside Kingwhistler!

After the Brewery Arts Center, we headed to The Fox Brewpub. The pub is also right in the heart of Carson’s revitalized downtown corridor, fuel up for your fun at the locally-owned and operated Fox Brewpub. 

Bonus: it’s inside the historic St. Charles Hotel, which was built in 1862 We tried the chicken wings, and they were absolutely perfect. 

With a thankful heart and full tummy, we headed home to Reno, NV which by the way was only a 40-minute drive.  Carson City is absolutely the perfect local getaway for the perfect staycation.

It was so perfect that we went back the following week for our first ever RAIL BIKE RIDE! Rail bikes at V&T Railway – Carson City were an absolute joy to ride …

Took in the Nevada scenery and got a little exercise as we peddled along the historic railway, laughed with my ladies, and enjoyed some sun.

Thank you so much to the V&T Railway team for keeping us safe and our bikes sanitized! This activity is a must for all ages, plus they have a big Halloween event planned. This event will be Halloween haunted fun for riders of all ages! Go in your costume and join V&T Railway for a spooky ride. Family rides will be held at 6 p.m. with trick-or-treating along the V&T Bridge Short Rides route. For more info, please visit their website: https://vtrailway.com

Thank you once again to Visit Carson Cit for the beautiful gift of time, space, adventures, great good, a bit of history and the opportunity to make new friends and support our communities.

AboutTownDeb – My Town, Your Town, Any Town … Let’s connect! Be sure to check out all of my social media platforms. Just search: AboutTownDeb!

And until my next adventure, remember that #TogetherWeAreOneHeart. 

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