My Carson Staycation Part II

My Carson Staycation (part 2-of-3)

Join About Town Deb in this three-part blog as she explores Nevada’s historic capital, all while social distancing and masking up!


Visit Carson City For Nature Trails, Fresh Air, & Mountain Skies!

What a great way it was to begin our second day in Carson City … listening to the water flow while traveling along the river and stopping along the way to enjoy moments with nature as we enjoyed the Carson River Park.

This walk is perfect for beginners and dog lovers. There’s lots the open space and blue skies throughout the whole journey. I think I’ll bring a picnic lunch next time.

To cap it all off, we were blessed with seeing a beautiful butterfly at the end of the trail.

You can find a full list of hikes, trails, and other outdoor parks/fun at the Visit Carson City website.

Healthy Rejuvenation Station At SO Juicy, Carson City’s Fresh Juice & Salad Spot

So Juicy was the perfect choice after our morning hike.

Deb’s Pick:

Sunrise Smoothie – Strawberry, Mango, Dates, + Almond Milk

Jazzy Jorga’s Pick:

Go-Ji Smoothie – Goji Berries, Banana, Dates, Coconut Milk, Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, + Vanilla

Everything was amazingly good and fresh. Always nice when you know it’s healthy as well! They really said it all with the So Juicy mission statement — “To give people the priceless gift of health.” You have to visit the So Juicy website to read their family story.

Carson City Serendipity

There were some magical little moments during our staycation that I just have to share. Just outside So Juicy, I found the most amazing bench that read:

“Father-Daughter Bench For all the amazing Fathers out there”

This Carson City Staycation fell near the birthday of my dad, Papa Tony, may he Rest In Peace. He is always on my mind, especially around his birthday and the anniversary of his passing (which both fall in August). I feel that seeing bench was a sign that Carson City was right where I was meant to be.

I firmly believe we should listen to these small signs, because there is power and guidance in them. A deer even crossed our path and looked at us, unafraid, not a bit curious, even casual as it strolled along a Carson City street near the capitol building. The Capitol Building is amazing and I’ll tell you more about it, but it’s small things like the deer that always stick with me more.

Carson City’s quaint environment and thoughtful little touches are what give it a personality. Carson City is that person at the bar who tells you the story you needed to hear that day, who gives you a smile, a nod, or a tip of the hat with nothing expected in return. Carson City respects its people, cherishes its land and proudly displays its history whenever it gets the chance.

The Stewart Indian School – Let the truth be told with heart and soul

The Stewart Indian School in Carson City left me speechless … This wasn’t just any museum, the past and present students of Stewart School seem to talk to you through each exhibition. We were able to learn so much about the history and hear stories spoken from the heart! This visit really put things in perspective, and now more than ever, our #TogetherWeAreOne💙 community campaign means the world to me!

Thank you to the Museum Director Bobbi Rahder and the staff for taking the time with us. I appreciate all the stories shared with us.

Follow my Instagram @abouttowndeb for a heartfelt, emotional video interview with Linda Eben-Jones, volunteer and past student of the Stewart Indian School, in the coming weeks. Until then, you can learn more at

Next Stop: Yummy Creative Thai Cuisine in Carson City

I can’t stop thinking about my visit to The Basil in Carson City.
Walking into the dining room feels like stepping into a different world — a more peaceful, quaint and welcoming world full of ambience. Loved meeting the Chef Nan and Kookie, who whipped up the perfect dishes for us to enjoy and savor. Every bite had flavors complementing each other.
I actually love basil as an herb, so I was very pleased to see fresh basil leaves on some of our plates! Everything is light and refreshing. For dessert, the mango with sticky rice that was perfect to finish the meal! Plus, they even packed our leftovers on ice. I shall be back.  Also loved their slogan: “Carson City Thai Food may be nearby, but every recipe will take you far away”


Are you Dreaming about antiquing & Shopping for that perfect gift?

Aunt B’s Vintage, Antiques, & Collectibles was so delightful. The collectibles are vast and unique with something to be discovered for everyone. We even met the delightful Aunt B!  It isn’t often when you can walk back in time and remember your childhood memories.

The Purple Avocado  is another shopper’s dream, and it’s one of the few places where you can truly find the perfect gift for friends or family. It’s jam-packed with “gifts of extraordinary nature”

Since 2001, owners and their adorable shop doggy have offered down-home hospitality and friendly customer service to help you find that perfect something. Be sure to say hello to Bella the adorable shop dog.

The Capitol Grounds & Battle Born Memorial Nevada Proud stroll taking in our history.

 What a way to end our day with an evening stroll through the Capital Grounds taking one our Nevada History both past and present. The Battle Born Memorial is a must for all Nevadans to take in and honor our past.

The Perfect Local Spot to Gather and Remember Our Adventures of the Day!

Gather Carson City is indeed the perfect place to Gather, as we cheer and celebrate our second incredible yet emotional/inspiring day in Carson City. We love that Gather is local and farm-to-table and also supports local. As with any great gathering, we proposed a toast!

Deb’s pick for the toast: Bently Heritage’s Source One vodka rested in sherry oak casks, sparkling wine cube sugar to support our local distilleries

Jazzy Jorja’s pick: Black Cherry Press Verdi Local Distillery lemon-infused white whiskey, black cherries muddled with simple and mints.

Gather has incredible standards and showcases cooking with intention, purpose, creating small batch, high quality and seasonal dishes. It’s “made with love just for you!”

Capping Off An Amazing Day 2

With full tummies and hearts full of memories from an amazing day, we head back to My Place Hotels for some rest and relaxation. If you read part one of this blog, you’ll know we decided that “My Place” is now “Our Place”. The hotel made us feel so comfortable there During Day 3 of My Carson Staycation, we will be up early to visit a few more local gems, so we hope you’ll continue along with us on the final chapter of our adventure!

Cheers to Visit Carson City and Travel Nevada

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