An everyday Tribute to Dads

Dads, for many, are everyday heroes; they are there for you when you fall down and skin your knee or scrape the car for the first time and need to hide it from mom (lol!). When you really need some real-life advice, when you require laughter, dads will always be there. One of my favorite quotes has always been, “Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they haven’t met my dad.” Heroes are someone you can count on day in and day out, people who you look up to when you need them the most. A hero to me is someone you can look to for comfort in a time of need or a dire situation. A father is one of the best representations of an everyday hero, and I was lucky enough to have him in my life.

My father gave me the greatest gift he could ever give me, and that was believing in me and loving me unconditionally. Papa Tony is a big part of the reason for who I am today; he was there to guide me my whole life and helped me every step of the way. He was always there to put a smile on my face. Always making me laugh and creating the best memories. One of my favorite memories with him was when he would pick all my girlfriends and me up from school, and we would all squish in his old Chevy truck and would just sit and laugh all the way home. He always had everyone smiling.

I wish to celebrate my Papa Tony not just on Father’s Day but every day. I know he is smiling so bright with a cold beer or a hot coffee in his hand, having a good conversation, and making a crowd laugh.

Cheers, Papa! Something that he used to say that always made me smile, even right now as my heart tugs a bit and I shed a few tears .. “Darlin, all you have to do is love and remember, you are perfect just the way you are.” With Fathers Day recently, I want to share some Debs Picks for this special holiday and every day to honor your dad; I know these would make even my own father smile!

Record Street Brewing

We all know that dads and beer go hand in hand, so why not treat your dad today! Record Street Brewing has always been a personal favorite as there are so many unique craft beers. My two favorites are the “Flowers of the Forrest Scottish Ale” and “Ghost of Kingston Dark Wit”. Not only is it perfect for the summer, as it is a very refreshing drink, but it is a great spot to relax and enjoy the environment and fun company. The Skillet baked mac and cheese is to die for! It goes well with just about any of the premium craft beers Record Street Brewing offers.

Dolce Vita Wellness Spa

Who said that skincare wasn’t for everybody? I am so excited to share what Dolce Vita Wellness Spa offers. We all know that dad is looking to relax after a busy day of yard work, so

what better way than to treat him to a day of pampering? Treat your dad to a skin-fit men’s facial, a massage, or even a men’s manicure/pedicure. Dad’s deserve to feel and look good!


Dillards has always been and always will be a Debs Pick. My Papa loved buying all sorts of items there. This will make you laugh; his favorite purchase was their suspenders! If you’re wanting to buy shoes, swimwear, suits, pajamas, etc. You name it, and they have it!

We hope this past Fathers Day was filled with laughs, smiles, and making happy memories. We sometimes forget to thank and show appreciation to our parents and realize all they do, so let’s make sure we pay tribute to our dad each and every day. Whether your father is here, near, or far away, show him love and appreciation. On a personal note, Thank you to my Papa Tony for not only being my everyday hero but my best friend too. Thank you for guiding me through this beautiful life and for helping me become who I am today.