Like many people, I love my Starbucks coffee – it’s something that certainly helps start my days! But have you ever wondered where it comes from? What if I told you that buying your morning coffee at Starbucks does more than support the employees at that store, but also supports the Carson Valley community?

At the end of June, I had the opportunity to visit the brand new Starbucks Distribution Center and Roasting Plant in the Carson Valley and it is incredible! This facility is one of only five distribution centers in the country and features one of the largest coffee roasting facilities in the world. This newly expanded facility serves the Southwest United States, including Starbucks locations in the Carson Valley, Reno, Sparks, Tahoe, and more.

Whenever a company builds and expands in our community it always brings along positive things with it. Local construction companies with local workers are hired to improve on existing facilities or build new ones; local restaurants and other businesses provide food and services to the temporary construction workforce. Even further, there is a permanent expansion to the workforce in the employees that are hired to run that business that will continue to visit and support the businesses that were previously serving the temporary workforce. In this case, Starbucks hired over 100 locals to help run their facility – providing them with some serious benefits.

In addition to competitive pay, Starbucks employees also receive competitive health coverage, a competitive 401(k) retirement plan and discounted company stock options, paid time off and special holiday pay, parental leave, and education.

What was that, something about education? Yes! Did you know that the Starbucks College Achievement Plan is available to Starbucks Partners? They cover 100% of your tuition and mandatory fees at Arizona State University! These local employees have the opportunity to not only get paid but also to have school paid for! How neat is that?

I spoke with Carson City Mayor Lori Bagwell and she is so supportive of companies doing things like Starbucks because not only are these projects and businesses stimulating our community’s economy but also giving some truly wonderful opportunities to individuals from all walks of life. These young people that Starbucks will touch are truly able to begin a career with their right foot forward, ready to conquer the world!

One more thing, something that stood out to me as I was visiting the new Starbucks facility was that I wasn’t walking among a group of employees – I was among a team, a family. As I was walking around and speaking with them they exuded loyalty, not only to the brand but to each other. You don’t find that at every workplace.

#TogetherWeAreOne, one cup at a time!

For more information on the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, visit (LINK: