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On The Town Tuesday – 11/12/19

The Home of Quality Conversation on America Matters Media!

Be sure to listen in now for #OnTheTownTuesdays with me, Kelly Rush, and Jorja Parker Cushman-Bentley. We had a great lineup today, including Britton Griffith and Michael Moreno! We’ll also be talking with Avery Pipkin and her group members Quincy Moss and Dami Mihylova. They’re juniors at Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology (AACT) and are stepping up to make a difference and save lives with their fundraising efforts to get flashing crosswalks for their school. I’m so excited to hear what they have planned!. We also shared a thank you for Highway 50 Grape-to-Glass Harvest Road Show and a must attend event the 12th Annual Power of the Purse.

On The Town Tuesday – 10/29/19

Today we have Lindsey Tromerhauser with Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation and Cancer survivor Maddie Iroz to share why we have partnered with them to raise funds with our Highway 50 Grape-to-Glass Harvest Road Show to be held Tuesday, November 5th at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino Reno . Bonus my forever friend Elizabeth Sollenberger Trosper with Trosper Communications, LLC surprised us with a visit on set. We also had a call in from Mike Owen of Crystal Basin Cellars and share about harvest.

The Home of Quality Conversation on America Matters Media!

License to use music contained in this program was issued by ASCAP (License #: 40000772) and BMI (License#: 60993608) for use by America Matters Media, Reno, NV.

On The Town Tuesday 10/22/19

Great show with Tracie Barnthouse with Travel Nevada! Love learning where to travel in Nevada.


Bonus, a call in from Shirley Roberts, Executive Director of Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation. They provide support at no cost to families and also fund research for safe treatment and cures, and advocate for more federal support for childhood cancer research.


Which is why we are providing funds from our upcoming Highway 50 Grape to Glass Harvest Road Show, November 5th at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino Reno.
Be sure to listen in and get your tickets now.




The Home of Quality Conversation on America Matters Media!


License to use music contained in this program was issued by ASCAP (License #: 40000772) and BMI (License#: 60993608) for use by America Matters Media, Reno, NV.

On The Town Tuesday 10/15/19

Thank you to our guests Lee & Paige Murray for sharing their personal story of their son Alec, Don Butterfield and Dr. Anderson with Reno Behavioral Hospital, Tiffany East and of course Jorja and Kelly Rush.

This was an important show on teen suicide, what to look for and how what you can do if you see the signs.
Thank you to Lee for sharing his heart with us.

If you are struggling or know anyone who is please call the Crisis Support Services af 1-800-273-8255 or call Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital for a free and confidential assesment at 775-393-2200.

The Jason Foundation, Inc. -Youth Suicide Prevention and Awareness Crisis Support Services of Nevada The Children’s Cabinet

The Home of Quality Conversation on America Matters Media!

License to use music contained in this program was issued by ASCAP (License #: 40000772) and BMI (License#: 60993608) for use by America Matters Media, Reno, NV

Fire Stomping Dinner and Concert




Fire Stomping Dinner and Concert Fundraiser for Fire Station #17 in Pollock Pines


Clean drinking water and hot showers are things many of us take for granted. Yes, we know that not everybody in the US has that luxury, but it may come as a surprise to learn that the firefighters at Fire Station #17 in Pollock Pines are part of that group.

Fire Station #17 is home to a great crew of firefighters looking out for the community’s safety, including Captain Trent Williams and firemen Todd Pennington, Carson Triggs, and DJ Nelson. For years, they’ve had to live in a sub-standard firehouse with rusty water pipes and only one shower. The facilities are basic, so much so that the current set up means they can’t hire additional crew members. And it’s definitely not set up to accommodate both men and women!

The single shower means that firefighters coming back from a call must wait to use the one shower to wash off the soot, chemicals, and carcinogens that they encounter in the field. Plus, the water pipes in the station are rusty and old, forcing many of the crew to bring drinking water with them.

Given that firefighters face a 9 percent increase in cancer diagnoses, and have a 14 percent increase in cancer-related deaths compared to the general population in the US, according to a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), that makes it all the more important to provide them facilities to protect their health.

I was shocked and even a little horrified to see the conditions the firefighters live in. That’s why I’m so excited to be able to contribute to the current renovations of the Fire Station, which will include a second shower. Two showers will double the capacity for the fire crew to wash off after a call. It also means that it will be easier to hire additional firefighters, both women and men.


On October 4, join me at a fundraiser for a MUCH-needed bathroom renovation that will include the construction of a second shower, the Fire Stomping Dinner and Concert. It features a delicious dinner, live music, a raffle, silent auction, and a no-host bar. I’d love it if you could attend, as it will be a fire stomping good time!


If you’re not able to make it, you can still help the firefighters get a second shower and renovated bathroom by donating here.

 Todd Pennington, Carson Triggs, Captain Trent Williams, DJ Nelson, About Town Deb, and Kay Campbell at Fire Station #17